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Less Downtime Problems with Managed Hosting

Posted by Doug on May 21, 2011 in Dedicated Hosting with No Comments

One of the biggest problems with running on a shared server is that there could be a lot of downtime. This is because there are just so many other websites on the same server as you. This can cause problems due to other users going over their restricted amount of CPU usage.

Downtime is a problem, especially for business websites, and it is very important that it is limited as much as possible. This is gained through opting for managed hosting.  Since you are on a dedicated server, you will not suffer problems on your own website because of others.

However, that does not mean your website uptime will be 100 percent. You do need to bear in mind that there are possibilities there will be a problem with the hardware of the server. However, with this type of hosting, there is better support so you are sure to be kept in the loop whenever there is a problem and be told what is being done to fix it.