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Joomla vs. Dreamweaver

Posted by Doug on January 14, 2011 in Content Management with No Comments

If you are so used to maintaining a website through the use of Dreamweaver, it can become very tiring to need to take hours on just one simple thing. If you need to make a change then you will need to do each changes one by one and you can soon run out of time on changes rather than adding the extras that you wanted to.

With Joomla hosting, it is possible to take care of everything in less time than you would making changes with your usual manual website options. Even making the smallest change with Dreamweaver will cause lots of time being spent to fix all pages whereas Joomla will take care of those small problems for you. You can reorder your menus without needing to worry about any other changes that it will force you to make.

With Joomla, you can also add a new design to a different page easily and with one click, unlike having to make each change slowly through the use of your Dreamweaver.