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The Private Cloud Hosting System Is Very Important For Internal Communications

Posted by Doug on December 19, 2010 in Cloud Servers with No Comments

There are private clouds that have been set up through an Intranet between many of the executives of large companies that have their own IT guys and the infrastructure to support their own servers, their own matrices and the confidential information that just cannot be compromised by outsiders.  This type of cloud hosting has, at its core, the ability to be broadcast throughout the company, wherever they are located and specifically isolated from the public Internet by the firewalls that are built into the system.  The private cloud system will have its own portal out to the Internet, but its primary purpose is to retain information and data, not to disclose it.

The private forums that are scattered across the Internet are a type of private cloud.  These are member’s sites that need higher levels of security to prevent just anyone from logging into.  When you think about private clouds, you would probably be amazed at the one that Microsoft, Intel or Google has for the executives of their company to chat back and forth with.