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Reseller Hosting – Advertisements

Posted by Doug on February 26, 2011 in Reseller Hosting with No Comments

Since most of the resellers are motivated by increased revenue, advertisements can form a major source of revenue for reseller hosting provider. A reseller can have his own service for advertisements and can inject the advertisements onto any traffic that goes from its network. A reseller could also setup a contract with the original hosting service provider to use the advertisement framework of the original web service provider but share the revenues on the traffic coming from the reseller. Moreover, the reseller could remove the ads being served by the original hosting service provider and charge its end customers more for seeing websites with advertisements. The reseller can also tailor the advertisements to the location of the end customers since the reseller has more information about the end customer location than the host service provider himself. Clearly, a reseller can play with advertisements in order to make more money for itself many ways.

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